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  • Sunrise 'Micro' Lodges and Offices® →

    Welcome to our little range of little lodges! These Micro Sunrise Lodges are ideal for a variety of uses and represent great value for money. From garden offices to tiny homes, Sunrise Micro Lodges covers it all.


    Micro Lodges are fitted with our standard insulation pack but are still energy efficient. Or upgrade to our ‘Viking Spec’ winter pack for just £995!

    Prices from £25995.00 £23995.00
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  • The Sunrise Lodge 'Original'® →

    Welcome to our first and most popular choice – The Sunrise Lodge ‘Original’. It may be one of our lowest priced models, but it’s built just the same as our top model, and includes all fixtures & fittings pictured.


    With our new ‘Viking Spec’ winter pack you’re fully winterised from the elements, with 100mm roof & boxed floor insulation, plus thicker walls.

    Prices from £36995.00 £34995.00
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  • The Sunrise Lodge Deluxe® →

    Here we have our Sunrise Lodge ‘Deluxe’. It looks very similar externally to our first model, but it’s just had a few upgrades here and there. Such as extra storage, wood upgrades, a larger layout and more. Also choose various colours and claddings.


    As with all models in the range from here, you have your full ‘Viking Spec’ winter pack to keep you cosy all year round, with 100mm floor and roof fibreglass insulation.

    Prices from £39995.00 £37995.00
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  • The Sunrise Lodge Deluxe 'Super'® →

    One of our top single unit models in the range. Externally this is a very imposing home, with stunning lines and cutaway corners, it really does look SUPER!


    Again just like all the others you have your full ‘Viking Spec’ winter pack for year round comfort. Also this model includes all living and dining furniture, plus bluetooth ceiling speakers!

    Prices from £44995.00 £42995.00
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  • The Sunrise Lodge® 'Abstract' →

    New to the Sunrise Lodges range – aptly named the ‘Abstract’ – This single unit home is very different, with it’s ‘Saltbox’ side pitched roof, ultra-modern interior and stunning fittings!


    Again, fitted with our full ‘Viking Spec’ winter pack, keeping you cosy all year round. We also have a new list of optional extras to choose from

    Prices from £46995.00 £44995.00
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  • The Sunrise Lodge 'Superior'® →

    Our range topping Sunrise Lodge ‘Superior’ represents everything a mobile lodge can be. Fitted with all the optional extras, appliances, both bath & shower, walk in wardrobe and much more!


    As with all our models, fitted with full ‘Viking Spec’ winter insulation, and choose from various internal & external colours

    Prices from £48995.00 £46995.00
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